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“AMAZING. Although I am a practicing witch myself, I am also a scientist and approach alleged psychics/magickians with skepticism. Jason never ceases to blow my mind with his genuine gifts. He's improved my life profoundly with hypnotherapy/NLP/energy healing. He's done cold readings for me and has tapped into very specific information (past, present, and future) that irrefutably demonstrates his abilities to me. He has done animal communication for me, which was also spot-on. His charged candles have worked every time. He's even ameliorated my cramps with energy work! I really can't recommend Jason highly enough!!!”

Naia Ekáte Maeve, M.A.

Del Mar, CA

"Working with Jason for the past year has been an amazing journey both professionally & personally. I have numerous patients that are working with Jason & they rave about their results. They have shared success stories about major life changes, career changes, smoking cessation, increased confidence , passing major exams & many other health benefits. I have personally had several sessions & am enjoying the benefits of his diverse talents. Jason has unique abilities in the fields of hypnotherapy, life coaching & energy work."

Jill Suess, L.Ac., San Diego

"After practicing Reiki and Tia Chi for 20 years, I thought I had seen it all. Jason's energy course gave me a whole new perspective and was mind blowing. I believe anyone will benefit and learn something new from his energy course."

G. Lopez, Reiki Master

"Jason's guided meditations are amazing. His abilities and techniques are almost otherworldly. I look forward to more journeys with Jason."

David Goldman, PhD

"I witnessed Jason's pain relieving powers on a friend. She was in agony throughout her body and when I suggested hypnotherapy she was at the point where she would try anything. Jason brought her relief and a break-through on the first session. Another friend also has received healing due to Jason's powerful energy. In my opinion, Jason is a miracle worker."


"The experiences I've had with Jason have been amazing and life changing. He has extraordinary abilities and I highly recommend him."

Ralph Burton CHt, EFT-cc

"Hypnotherapy has been very effective in alleviating my pain. I deeply appreciate Jason's extraordinary skill and knowledge. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing the positive reinforcement that he provides. Thank you, Jason, for your compassion and expert techniques that only yourself can bring to a client. I am forever grateful."


"Jason worked with me before my Series 6, Series 63 and my California insurance exams. These exams were to license me to become a registered representative for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), soliciting orders for corporate debt and equity securities to prospective investors. I was overwhelmed with information that I needed to learn in a short amount of time. We had 4 days to cover over 30 chapters for the first series. The second series was less information; however, even more difficult to comprehend the formulas as well as learn to actually apply them to real investment situations. Jason was able to recalibrate my mind making room for the amount of information that I needed to pass the tests. He also showed me unique exercises that I could do on my own before the test to help me stay centered and aligned. I went into the testing center feeling strong, confident and focused. Jason also helped me recognize other mental blocks I had been experiencing. I had become a procrastinator for so long, that I didn't realize that it was actually a behavior and not a part of the person that I was. Not only did I pass the tests over 8 points more than my peers, but I no longer put things off for another day! His techniques work long after his sessions are over."

Elisa Margoni
Long Beach, CA

"I realized my eating junk food was out of control and there was no end in sight! I asked Jason to help me out and hypnotize me to eat healthier and specifically stop my chip addiction. I was skeptical at first but I am happy to report that I have NOT had an unhealthy food or chip pass my lips! No sweat, not even a craving or struggle. I have been in restaurants with friends and have had no problem eating healthy meals. Not only did Jason help me stop my bad behavior, he got to the root of the reason I was doing this. I am going to have Jason help me relieve my phobias next. I am a believer!! It's been 1 year since Jason has worked with me regarding my eating habits. I am happy to report that I have still not had chips and I sustain healthy eating habits. Thank you, Jason! I would highly recommend Jason."

Marianne DiCapua, LMT

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